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Comprehensive Palm Tree Maintenance

The professionals at Texas Palms are here to care for all your palm tree needs. We're happy to trim trees and remove seed pods regularly, and we're also happy to provide more irregular services. If your tree is sick, we can provide the fertilizer, insecticide, or fungicide it needs to survive and then thrive. For example, trees in rainy climates will usually need a preventative anti-fungal measure twice a year. Contact us to learn the details and cost for our drive-by services that we typically perform two to three times a year.

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Installation, Removal, and More!

We're always prepared to install our trees anywhere, just reach out to us for details. We strongly recommend only planning palms that will survive in your area's climate, but our professionals have all the knowledge you need to have that taken care of.

Prior to installation, we always offer a comprehensive consultation. This consultation will determine your area's climate, discuss your needs, and ultimately determine the tools and cost for your installation. Should any palms on your property die we also provide complete palm tree removal, taking every part of the tree, down to the soil, straight to your nearest dump.

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